While a quarter of driving happen at night, more than half of driving deaths occur at night.

I am not saying this to make you scare of night driving.

Many of us don’t like night driving, though.

Sometimes, it can be annoying, especially when someone flash their headlights at you. It makes you want to go crazy.

Don’t. It’s part of night driving.

I usually don’t recommend night driving, especially for new drivers.

You better learn how to drive during the day than night.

So what’s it about night driving and how can you prevent yourself from accidents that happen during this period?

First, you need to aim your headlights correctly as not to confuse the other driver.

Second, dim your instrument panel and dash lights.

Your forward vision is the most important. There should be no light distracting you from looking forward.

Third, don’t wear the wrong glasses.

The Sunglass Association of America says that yellow-lens glasses sold for night driving only make you think you see better. You don’t.

It is best to avoid sunglasses at night. In fact, I will advise you to avoid any glasses if you can do without them while driving at night.

The sunglass industry folks say you’ll see the most light without glasses—antireflective coated or not.

If you live in a country, you should know that animals are everywhere especially during the night.

An encounter with a wildlife can be devastating to you, the beastie and your car.

It’s easy to spot animal eyes as a reflection of your headlights.

If you are encountering a large animal, the best strategy is to slow down as best as you can.

If you want to steer around a deer, they will follow your lights and move in front of you.

Fourth, don’t look at incoming lights too much as they can quickly affect your concentration on the road. It’s easy to get distracted by those lights.

There are a lot more you should know when driving at night.

That is why I recommend you attend a great driving school around me.

For me, that’s Access2Drive, one of the best driving school here in Queens.

Drive in the rain

Unknown to a lot of people, driving in the rain is even more dangerous than driving on a snowy road.

When the rain start to fall and pavement is wet, the likelihood of a crash is higher during wintry conditions like snow, sleet and ice.

Unfortunately, a lot of nice drivers aren’t properly trained how to drive when it’s raining.

I applaud my driving instructors at Access2Drive, a driving school in Brooklyn that teaches their students how to adapt and drive safely when it’s raining, and the road is bad.

There are some safety measures you must always take from time to time to ensure that your car is fit to go when it’s raining.

The first thing is to check your tire pressure from time to time. You can do this once a month using a tire pressure.

Check your windshield wipers to ensure that they are ready to work when it’s raining.

I once had a horrible experience being with a friend who didn’t know that his wipers aren’t working well until we were stuck on the road on one raining afternoon.

Not a nice experience we had as I had to first do it myself before the rain became too much and we couldn’t go any further.

We had to wait for the rain that day, and that took almost 4 valuable hours.

The next thing to do is to check the headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals and ensure that they are always working properly.

You’ll need them more when it’s raining and especially when it’s dark out there.

An important point my driving instructors stressed so much is to drive slowly when it’s raining.

Reduce your speed about the third when it’s raining or wet.

You risk your life driving too fast on a wet road.

Save your life.

Learn how to drive well on the road on a rainy day if you’re a new driver.

Thanks for reading.

I’ve met a lot of people who told me they are driving expert. They will tell you they can drive anything. I mean just anything.

I asked one of my friends to drive a manual car recently. Oh boy, he failed. He failed awfully.

This is one of the friends that will tell you he can drive anything.

I think the best drivers are those who learned manual driving, not automatic.

I applaud my driving instructors at Access2Drive, one of the best driving schools in Brooklyn for giving me stick shift driving lessons.

It helped me become a good driver.

If you start with manual, I bet you can drive automatic. And they will always be times as an automatic when you’ll be faced with the challenged of driving a manual auto.

According to CNN, only 4% of the new cars sold in the U.S. are manual. But manual is normal in most countries outside the United States. You’ll laughed at if you are a grown up and can’t drive a manual car.

Sometimes you may have a weak battery. But with a manual car, you can just give it a rolling and it will start. This is just one of the advantages of stick shift driving.

My dad offers his friends (mostly parents) to let their kids learn stick shift driving.

According to him, it forces kids to focus on driving. Automatic driving could make a kid text and drive.

Your feet and arms are always working.

And yes, manual cars are cheaper than automatic cars. Another good reason why a good parent may quickly want to buy a car for his/her kid.

They are also cheaper to maintain.

A manual transmission not only takes less fluid but it also doesn’t require an expensive gasket and oil filter kit like an auto tranny does.

Repairs are also cheaper.

And they have more POWER.

Wow. I recommend you learn stick shift driving today. Access2Drive Brooklyn is a nice place to kickstart your learning.

Because you can walk anytime you want and can don’t mean you can drive whenever you feel like.

In fact, there are times when you should not walk.

Driving can be very dangerous at some times.

There are times when you shouldn’t drive even when you feel like.

You probably don’t know some biggest road killers.

There are many of them and they are all around you.

Let’s talk about them.

Lack of sleep

A lot of people are getting killed by lack of sleep, every single day.

For example, I find it very difficult to produce the best job when I get less sleep. I find it very difficult to even concentrate.

Sometimes, I can be nodding off without knowing it myself.

Imagine the fact that:

  • 20% of road accidents are caused by driver fatigue
  • Up to ¼ of fatal and serious accidents are caused by tiredness
  • 50% of fatigue-related accidents are more likely to result in death or serious injury because such accidents usually take place at high speed

If a driver falls asleep while driving and kill someone, that will lead to 14 years imprisonment.

Lack of sleep may not seem like a big deal, but 14 years in prison does look like a whole lifetime.


Driving Under Influence

There are a lot of influence:

  • Hard drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • etc

While they are all bad for the health, taking them and driving is even more dangerous. It could leave you crippled for the rest of your life. This is something I am sure you don’t want to hear but it is the truth.

This can also lead to 14 years’ imprisonment.

But when it doesn’t lead to accidents, it could result to a driving ban which could be 2 years or even more.

I applaud my driving instructors at Access2Drive for telling me everything I needed to know about driving.

Knowing when not to drive is very important for your safety, future and the that of others on the road.

Access2Drive is one of the best driving schools in Queens. They have 2 locations in Laurelton and Jamaica, Queens for driving lessons.


What are your chances of achieving your goal within a certain period of time?

My friend, Nancy was divorced last year.

It was a painful period for her. With 3 adult kids, it makes it more difficult for her.

So, she set a goal of getting married within 6 months.

That sounds like a tough goal, but it didn’t take a long time at all.

She was on the road driving her kids to school.

A man on the left side smiled to her, and she smiled back. That was it.

He followed her, to the kids’ school.

She walked up to her and the rest was history.

Sounds like a fateful encounter?

It was.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve met people who refuse to smile even when driving on the road. It makes them less approachable and showing a hard face makes you look really awful.

“Smile on the road while behind the wheel” that was the advice of my great driving instructor as I learn to drive at Access2Drive, an amazing driving school located in Brooklyn.

When you smile it brings out the real beauty in you.

It makes it people more likely to ask you for help. And it makes it easier for them to accept your request when you ask.

A smiling face is a powerful trick for wooing other drivers on the road.

Smile, so that when you ask for a favor, you are more likely to receive a positive response. Smile!

If there’s one thing I learned from my friend’s story, it is the fact that smiling can lead to good things you wouldn’t expect.

Scientists als0 revealed that smiling is good for the health. It makes you live longer. You see the world as a good place to be in. You feel lucky when you smile.

But when you show your sad, ugly face? Not so much.

Every driver on the road should smile even when you’re having a bad day.

It’s normal to have a bad day. Everybody has theirs once in a while. Some, everyday.

Your driving instructor don’t have to tell you to smile before you do.

Brooklyn is my home.

I’ve been living here for the past 20 years. It’s amazing how the city has transformed over the past few years.

It’s wonderful.

I’ve always think about starting a small business.

Now, I want to do that. But I’m afraid this is the wrong time to start a business. Small businesses need time to grow.

But, with the possibility of having a president who intends to raise tax, I don’t think this is a good time to do that.

So what should I do?

Maybe, find a low-risk internet venture that could grow very quickly.

But I lack ideas.

All I could think of right now is a small, local businesses.

Been thinking about this all night. Really, really boring.

So I’ve decided I’ll hit the roads and meet my good friends who run business in the city.

The first place would be The River Café, located at 1 Water St, Brooklyn. That’s owned by Michael Buzzy O’Keeffe.

The second place is Access2Drive driving school located at 549 East 26 Street, Brooklyn. They also have a location in driving school Queens.

The third place is the Lords Bakery located at 2135 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn.

The fourth place is the Patel Grocery Retail & Wholesale. They are located at 5303 4th Ave, Brooklyn.

Their input matters a lot.

I’m pretty close to the owners of these businesses.

I’m sure they’ll help me decide what to do on the business.

If it all looks good I’ll be opening my first small biz in Brooklyn.

I’ve been devouring a lot of resources online over the past few days and it’s been amazing how people encourage entrepreneurship.

I want to become an entrepreneur. I know it comes with a real challenge.

I’ve dealt with a lot of challenges over the years. So, now, I want to take them to another level in the business world.

Thanks for reading friends.

Talk to you later.

When I moved to New York 10 years ago, a friend took me shopping.

I was amazed seeing how he can multi-task. In fact, I’ll call him the best multi-tasker I’ve ever seen.

He could write while eating. He could dream while taking his bath. He could talk while singing. He’s an excellent multi-tasker.

He told me multi-tasking is by itself a skill. Anyone can learn it.

Then he told me that he could Skype his dad while driving.

That is what I will never agree with.

I never will.

I don’t recommend driving and doing other things at the same time. I don’t advise people to drive and make calls. It puts not only your life at life but other people on the road too. It’s deadly.

This isn’t just my own personal view. It’s something that’s shared by many many others.

All the instructors from my favorite Brooklyn driving school advised that driving and doing any other thing put lives at risk. It’s the truth.

But many people want to believe that they are perfect drivers, or they’ve been driving for over decades.

Yes, you can be a perfect driver. But that’s only when you don’t multi-task while driving.

10 years more we will have driverless cars on our streets. That means we don’t have to drive again. It means we can multi-task as much as we can while in our cars on our way to work. And without putting ourselves and others at risk.

But before then we’ve got to be careful.

Many lives will be lost to reckless driving. We have to work together to make our roads safe.

So many teens and kids die every year. Those are valuable lives that matter a lot to our future.

I believe various driving schools in Jamaica across the state are teaching their students the importance of not multi-tasking while driving.

If you can stop multi-tasking while driving, you have a better chance of living longer. Roads accidents happen every day, and lives are claimed.

Visit this link to see how many people have been killed in traffic accidents today.

Knowing various traffic signs is very important before sitting for a road sign test that qualifies you to get a driver’s license in your state.

If you don’t know traffic signs, you won’t pass the test.

I applaud my instructors at Access2Drive, one of the most respected driving schools in Brooklyn for helping me understand each traffic sign.

The beginning of my driving lesson at Access2Drive was really fierce.

My instructors helped me kept a cool head through the process and it was cool at the end.

So here are very important traffic signs you should know:

No Parking traffic sign

This means No Parking.

As a new driver, you must know that it’s not every space you see you can park at.

There might not be anyone available to ask from at the time of parking. So, it’s always cool to watch out for the sign before you park your car at any location.

No left turning permitted

Don’t turn left wherever you see this sign. It means left-turning isn’t permitted. Very important.

Speed limit in driving

Some roads have their permitted speed limit. You get into trouble with the law immediately you drive above the limit.

Pay some attention when you’re driving and watch out for these signs.

Construction on roads

This traffic sign means a lot of things. But, it’s usually a warning that there’s something ahead. It’s better you are aware of this. Mostly, you’ll have to keep your driving speed to a minimum.

It could be that there’s a school zone ahead.

A construction zone oftentimes.

A railroad crossing road.

It could also mean that there’s a rough road ahead.

So the driving speed should go down if you’re already driving at a high speed before you see this sign.


This sign is exactly how you see it. It’s a sign that shows how a junction ahead of you looks like.

It could be a four-way intersection.

It could be a road ending, so you be prepared to turn right.

Two way road

This sign indicates that there’s a road ahead where traffic moves in the same direction.

It also means that there’s a passing road ahead.

No U Turn Permitted

This sign is what it means:

No U-Turn permitted.

Wherever you see this sign, it means you’re not allowed to turn there. No left turn and no right turn.

It also means it’s a no passing zone.

We’ll get into other traffic signs in my next post. But it’s very important you keep this first few traffic signs in mind when next you’re driving.

I was taught all these signs in my first driving lesson at one of the best driving schools in Long Island, and it was cool.

I look forward to driving more in the coming days, and learning to drive was a big help.

Thanks for reading my rants. I hope you gained some important driving lessons from it.

See you next time.

Just landed a new job last week, and I’m super-excited to get started.

It’s been a little over 5 months of extreme worries and loneliness.

My family was excited too.

So I thought, why not start a blog? That’s what I did.

I felt so great to see a smile on my son’s face as he left for his driving lessons at Access2Drive, a driving school located in Long Island. Also they have locations in Jamaica Queens driving lessons.

My friend, James Terry has been supportive during this extremely tough times.

It feels special to finally be putting smiles on everyone’s face who has been with me.

They are my world.

They mean a lot to me.

I care about them because they care so much about me.

I haven’t felt this loved in my entire life.

To know that there are people who are worried when I’m worried makes me feel like a real living human being.

Now, I keep thinking what to do next after writing this article.

Should we visit the National 9/11 Memorial Museum?

It’s just a few days after the 15th Anniversary.

I lost my good uncle and cousins on that bad day.

drive to the national memorial

Or, should we visit the Central Park?

No doubt, the driving experience would be cool.

In case you don’t know, Central Park is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in New York.

It is bordered on the north by Central Park North, on the south by Central Park South, on the west by Central Park West, and on the east by Fifth Avenue.

I’ve gone there about 90 times. I go there twice a year and the experience is always cool.

Central Park New York

But I also have another good place in mind:

Madison Square Garden.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been there.

I’m a big fan of New York Liberty.

Today is 13th of September, and they’ll be playing Washington Mystics.

I think it’ll be an interesting game to watch considering that the Liberty are determined to finish what they started last season, after posting a franchise best record and reaching the Eastern Conference finals.

I must act fast if we must watch this game today.

Can’t wait to get my day started. Thanks for reading my new blog. And expect more from me.