Important Road Safety Rules To Teach Your Kids

Over read and heard a lot of horror stories of kids getting hit on the road. I’ve witnessed first-hand.

Parents should teach their kids how to walk on the road properly. When kids know how to use the road, they are likely to become better drivers when they become adults.

“Safety First” is “Safety Always.” ~Charles M. Hayes

So what are the safety roads for kids?

1. Know your signals

Help your kid learn traffic lights and signs.

  • Green means ‘go’: Only when the signal turns ‘green’, vehicles move ahead.
  • Red means to ‘stop’: When the signal turns red, all the vehicles have to stop.
  • Yellow means to slow down: When the signal turns yellow, vehicles should slow down and prepare to stop.
  • The ‘Walk’ or a walking man symbol at intersections are for pedestrians. Cross the road only if these signs turn green. But look to the left and right to ensure no vehicles are approaching.
  • Never cross the road if the sign says ‘Don’t Walk’ or if the walking man symbol turns red.

2. Stop, look, and cross

Always look for signals and use the pedestrian crossing to cross the road. In the absence of such markings, here is what you should do:

  • Look to your right and then to the left to see if there are any approaching vehicles.
  • If yes, wait for the vehicle to pass and then cross the road.
  • Never cross at bends.
  • Never cross between stationary vehicles.

3. Pay attention – Listen

Teach your kids that they may not always be able to see an oncoming vehicle, especially if they are standing near a bend. Therefore, they should listen to know if a vehicle is approaching. Cars and other vehicles on the road often use the “horn” at bends and at unmanned intersections to indicate that they are nearing. Tell your children:

  • If they hear a horn, stop and look to the left and right to see if any vehicle is approaching.
  • Listen for engine sounds nearby to know if there is a moving vehicle – explain how a loud noise indicates the vehicle is nearby, and a faint sound means it is away.

Children who know these rules will go on to become better drivers because they are already familiar with important road safety rules. But, you can’t still substitute that for the experience and knowledge they will gain from this driving school in Roosevelt, NY.

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