Driving a Long Distance Journey with Kids is Less Stressful When You Know These Tips

Driving with kids can be very stressful.

Over many years of driving with kids, I’ve learned incredible things that make driving with skills so easy and less stressful.

By trial and error and with many tears, often mine, I’ve discovered the best ways to have a great family road trip. You can learn more if you enroll in a great driving school like the one I had at Access2Drive Queens.

Leave early, go slow

On particularly long driving days, we left early, ensuring everybody was fresh, and arrived before the kids’ witching hour. We stopped regularly at parks or playgrounds, where, unlatched from their seatbelts, the kids ran free like puppies off leashes.

In-transit activities

Armed with colouring and reading books and paper, and with no mobile internet, the kids will start entertaining themselves. They’ll sing silly songs, tell stories, and sometimes they slept.

Food, the great distractor

Being with my children 24/7 for an extended period, I discovered how food constantly simmered in their little minds. Promising it, making it, drawing it, from anticipation to devouring, food was the great distractor.


Promises of climbing castles, eating food and petting zoo animals could tame even the surliest child. But the great parental trap, the ill-thought-out promise, was to be avoided.

Don’t mention the toilet

“Has everybody been to the toilet?” seemed like a reasonable question at the start of each drive. Invariably, the kids said yes. Within five minutes of being on the road, however, the toilet concept sunk in, forcing an emergency pullover. Stop mentioning the toilet.

Driving on long distance can be very fun when you know these tips and much more when you enroll in a great driving school.

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